The Westin Palace, Madrid


Plaza de las Cortes, 7, Madrid, 28014, Spain  

Local Time Phone (34)(91) 3608000



In a world full of contrasts, the union makes the force and only counting with the best you get excellent results. When we merge a pleasant environment, quality, technology and a team of dedicated  and oriented to exceed all expectations professionals, we create a new concept of personal care.

In R'difusión we are firm advocates of the holistic beauty, treating every guest not only on a physical level, but as a sensorial, deep and pure well-being experience. Welcome to BEAUTY SPACE®, a small treasure on the seventh floor of The Westin Palace, Madrid.

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Opening hours: Monday - Sunday 10 AM - 7 PM
Ask for conditions of extended opening hours.

Phone number: 91 360 72 56

Creating a brand for decades, R´difusión is a company of reference in the field of beauty. Passion, creativity and a high degree of specialization make of our work the best letter of presentation.

The large team of professionals of R´difusión, with an international background, will be in charge to carry out the different treatments with the maximum level of exigency, always looking for visible results and designing each treatment in a personalized way. Their kind and very human behaviour in every service, will make your visit something memorable.

Sophistication, the most advanced technology and the most exquisite luxury make Carita the professional brand of cosmetics specialized in the care of Face, Body and Hair (Haute Beauté).

More than 70 years of experience make Carita a symbol of technology and innovation, offering products of the highest quality and recognized efficiency. Each tailored-made treatment is an elixir that makes the experience unique and durable. Revealing to every woman the countless secrets of her personalized and global beauty.


For those who want to have the best in the shortest time, we suggest sessions of up to 30 minutes where we can find the following treatments:

I love Myself: Localized massage.

Perfect Hands: Antiage treatment.


For those who know that rushing is no good and have 1 hour, we recommend:

Firming Program with Technoled: Reductive and firming.

I love Myself - Deep Tissue, Sports: Relaxing, decontracting...

Enjoy them in our treatment cabins or in the privacy of your own room.


Because the world can wait we offer unforgettable massages, wrappings and hot stone treatments of up to 2 hours long:

Silken Skin Body Scrub & Massage: Restores natural smoothness and elasticity.

Absolute Stillness Jet Lag Relief: Minimizes consequences of travelling stress.

Complete the experience by savoring a healthy drink in the Chef's Secret Garden.

R´difusión treatments room.

The Chef´s Secret Garden terrace.